The role of human resource management system have? Human resources management software 5 big advanta

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Now, no matter whether it is a foreign-funded enterprise or a private enterprise, more and more companies have started to launch the human resources management system, and many companies are still hesitating: knowing that human resources software does bring some convenience, but it is expensive, human resources. What is the role of the management system? Is the value it brings worthy of our spending? Today, we will summarize the "5 advantages of human resource management software" by INUOJI .

Five advantages of human resource management software

1. Reduce the cost of human resources and increase the per capita output value

The company's biggest expenditure is two, one is the consumption of production resources, the other is the cost of personnel, through the calculation and control of the human resources management system, in the post planning, workload analysis, staffing, labor cost investigation, planning, budgeting Auditing, making human labor costs more reasonable, maximizing the per capita output capacity of existing employees, simplifying unnecessary middle management, and saving management expenses. Usually a set of excellent human resource management software can reduce the cost of human resources by more than 5%. If the annual staff cost is 10 million, the annual savings can be as high as 500,000.

2, reduce HR transactional work, do more valuable things

Most of the mechanical and repetitive operations are replaced by human resource management software, which automates workflows, reduces unnecessary human disturbances, and greatly increases the efficiency of transactional and day-to-day services. Free HR from the daily work of affairs and administration to do more important and valuable work.

3, improve data accuracy

Faced with data such as attendance, performance, and adjustments, the situation of each department of the company is not the same. HR passes or manual calculations, it is easy to make mistakes, causing complaints from employees. The human resource management system can pre-set calculation templates for different departments. The data is directly calculated by the attendance management module, the performance management module, and the salary and welfare module, and the results are directly calculated to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the data.

4. Standardized management, laying the foundation for enterprise growth

With the help of the human resources management system, it is possible to use a comprehensive and unified human resources information and development plan to demonstrate in detail the new structure of the post-reform enterprise organization and the staffing of various departments, so that management can be standardized, standardized, streamlined, institutionalized, and standardized. Employees and organizational behavior, making it a habit and shaping an excellent corporate culture

5. Provide data basis for enterprise decision-making

Many people may not realize this. At present, a small part of the human resources management software on the market has begun to support the establishment of human resource models through big data analysis to support enterprise decision-making. At this point, INUOJI software stands in the forefront of the industry, real-time reference of various data modules, powerful calculation engine processing, clear and clear chart data, has helped many customers to make correct and efficient human resource management. decision making.

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