Importance and Solution of HR System Personnel Archives Management

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In the management of human resources, the importance of personnel files plays a very important role. It can help HR identify, select and use talents. And a scientific personnel file management can greatly promote the development and use of human resources。

Ah INuoJi HR system The personnel management is in recent years of professional human resources management based on the concept, through a lot of practice project, personnel management and design on multi industry development for most enterprises. Its functions include: personnel information, personnel contract, change information, turnover information, rewards records and HR report six functions of enterprise human resources management comprehensively.

The personnel file management functions
1. personnel including basic information management, management of personnel files; through the basic file for individual system management, transaction management, family relationship, learning experience, work experience, incentive management, education and training, event record, staff skills, health records, social security check, employee contract management, document management, personal occupation planning etc., can understand the detailed personal information, for the enterprise with people, keep people, people do basic work well.
2. the two ID recognition, automatic verification of authenticity, automatic reading of ID number, Name and photo ID information.
3., reduce input errors and improve the efficiency. The age of legitimacy of automatic judgment;
Four A pre statistical time point and turnover of various in-service personnel state, provide the basis for production planning, recruitment plan;
Five Provide employee status management, understand the various types of staff ratio;
Six Understand the various personnel proportion through various statistical reports, analysis of possible risks, the same origin of age or education is not reasonable, provide the basis for recruitment and allocation;
Seven Through the statistics of turnover rate and turnover rate of personnel loss reason analysis, find the main reason, provide the basis for the work of administrative decision;
Eight The personal file management file management, increasing the skill of personal health records management responsibilities, query;
Nine Automatic statistics of staff learning, work, training, assessment, salary changes, resume, contrast management job planning, promotion, transfer, etc. as a basis;
Ten Personal occupation career planning;
Eleven Personal leave records check, to repeatedly leave records personnel tracking records;
Twelve Personnel tracking dynamic personnel files, users can customize the personnel state, and record the information of every state. For example, leaving the application state can be defined for the approval of the state, has been left to leave the state;
Thirteen The personnel blacklist management for major errors in the company into the blacklist, remind the hiring system.

The management of personnel files as part of the more important in the HR system, its management must adapt to the modern management requirements, and actively expand the service functions, to provide a strong guarantee for the development of human resources.

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