Four Pain Points of Attendance Management in Enterprises?

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Office convenient, efficient and intelligent is the trend of development of the enterprise management. But also looks beautiful behind some seemingly small but true to office in the complicated situation, such as attendance management.

At present, the attendance management of enterprises are mainly these pain points: inaccurate statistics, attendance data query, to the end of the month attendance report to do, forget the frequent attendance card.

The most basic pain points are as follows

A little pain Inaccurate statistics:

The attendance management of many companies still cannot do without manual recording and manual processing, not only makes the workload, but also will appear deviation in the data accuracy and objectivity. In addition, different departments arrangement and management rules, to obtain the attendance data the diversified needs, therefore, enterprises need the attendance more flexible methods to ensure data reliability.

Two pain points Unable to query the attendance data:

Survey data show that the vast majority of business managers and employees can not find personal attendance data daily and monthly, generally need to ask the front desk personnel. The more the number of enterprises, it will increase the workload of personnel in the data query, and the management is also unable to view real-time attendance more detailed information.

Three pain points The end of the month: attendance report to

Each month, all kinds of staff submitted for single, single, single out travel documents such as product will heap mountain, the Ministry of personnel must be added with classification, all kinds of data, make attendance report as the basis of assessment of staff performance, therefore, often become the end of the month HR overtime hit time..

Four pain points The attendance card frequently forgotten:

The attendance card originally for the employees, which is a strong constraint management behavior. Most of the time, the staff go in a hurry, or due to long time forget to punch punch line, causing the absence, it is wrong.

These questions for us ah Nokia system is not a problem, it introduces the function and characteristics of our system here:

The function module and the human resource management system can be fully compatible, real-time call. The main function of registration and attendance management module is for staff attendance data, to be calculated on the basis of salary. This module currently supports up to more than 10 attendance models, read data directly from the attendance machine for statistical analysis, but also support manual attendance. The system fully consider more, don't leave, travel, Hugh, more than 20 kinds of special discipline and attendance attendance. Can carry on the data processing according to user defined rules and attendance attendance formula and the formation of the report. At the same time, the salary management system related data import, in calculating wage.

1) provides various types of IC card, face, fingerprint attendance data interface;

2) can deal with frequent shifts, shift, downtime, midway leave and flexible attendance management;

3) to deal with temporary work overtime, weekends, holidays, overtime before the class, class, class after overtime and overnight overtime overtime management etc.;

4) can cross 72 hours even the class work (across two days);

5) can leave, sick leave, injury leave, annual leave, vacation days off, cumulative paid, unpaid leave, pay management;

6) can output various overtime for single, single, class production scheduling table, leisure time;

7) output and query, and any time any department attendance report, abnormal attendance sheet and various summary analysis;

8) monthly attendance statistics can clearly see that every employee in all the attendance of a month, so you can carry on the effective supervision and management of staff;

9) the use of advanced attendance algorithm only needs 3-5 minutes, 5000 people a month attendance report, improve the attendance management effectiveness and management efficiency;

10) system to support multiple users and networks, through the strict access control technology, make the daily attendance management (centralized and decentralized) be arbitrary, real-time control.

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