How to choose the system, why did you choose us?

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Software is good = enterprise actual demand + professional system + fast after-sales service

     Formany years, we often encounter some customers who like to compare prices. In fact, we should carefully analyze whether we can meet or meet our own needs, values and worthless issues. We should consider the future and the scalability of functions. Some companies often say that 'software is not the same thing', in fact, only companies that have experienced it personally know this pain point; take the three most common modules (basic functions) of our peers, the surface is roughly the same function However, there are several companies that can do it with serious care. Some of their software and technical problems, some after-sales services can’t keep up, some have three pushes, some have arbitrary charges, and some malicious acts. Before the customer had changed the system, most of them complained about how the system was not working well at the time, and some customers were not satisfied with the change of several systems. In fact, this has already wasted a lot of manpower and material costs.

From our professional point of view, because software has unlimited scalability, demand is endless, and the actual system of enterprises in all walks of life is different, so there is no standard to measure who is the best of such products, can only say the best Can do the best, so that the company is suitable for satisfaction.

Why choose us?

Our INOUJI Human Resource Management System is designed by many experienced human resources consultants and practical experts who have been honed from practice. It integrates modern and advanced human resource management concepts and modern management ideas of thousands of Chinese and foreign companies. . It adopts various advanced design ideas and software technologies to meet the long-term development needs of customers' management in actual human resource management. The human resources department is freed from the tedious and repetitive daily work of salary and welfare and human resources information management. The core intelligent technology of our system (by 3,000 people analyzes the attendance of the whole month, it is completed in about 3 minutes, so it counts almost There are 40,000 or 500,000 attendance records, and the salary (salary) results can be analyzed within 1 or 10 seconds. Some peer systems need more than half an hour to process a month's attendance, and often crash, and the report shows The data results are not up to the requirements, nor can you flexibly customize ordinary or advanced reports, etc., and other BUGs, error reminders, frequent upgrades, and arbitrary charges will occur in the peer system, and our customers will change or need to follow the system. Modifying the algorithm, etc., can generally be done freely within 1 hour. If it is necessary to add special functions, the system also supports the secondary development platform.

After sales and commitment

     In terms of after-sales service, it is actually a process of heart-to-heart. The quality of the customer is directly related to our service volume and cost. Therefore, if there are any problems in the system when we maintain our customers, we will respond quickly and quickly by telephone or network. Processing, normal will generally be resolved within 1 hour of the network.

System expected benefit

The expected benefits that the inuoji system brings to the company are summed up in one sentence: five provinces, one excellent, and two improved.

1. Save money: Improve the transparency of human resource management and save the human resource use cost by more than 1-5%. Through system calculation and control to avoid manual calculation of class errors, reduce the cost of vulnerabilities through control of separation, overtime, etc. Through job planning, workload analysis, staffing, labor cost investigation, planning, budgeting, and auditing, labor costs are more reasonable. Make the organization plan more reasonable and efficient, stimulate the potential of employees, and make human capital investment produce higher efficiency. Through the system's benefit analysis such as training, welfare, and incentive input, the direction of human capital investment is more clear;

2. Save time: resource integration, information sharing, reduce information transmission distortion, avoid information islands and duplication of work, enhance corporate image and comprehensive strength, and enhance employees' awareness of factory love;

3. Labor-saving: Let the human resources executives get rid of the affairs workers, participate in the enterprise management and decision-making, make the enterprise strategy more comprehensive, let the human resources department put more energy into the management control, make the management more standardized, and reduce the management risk;

4. Time-saving: Improve the accuracy and timeliness of data, timely identify problems and correct them in time, give decision makers an accurate basis, and make decision-making more reasonable;

5. Provincial people: improve management efficiency, reduce transaction workload, and transactional work is automatically statistically analyzed by the system to save manpower;

6. Optimize management: standardize, standardize, process, and institutionalize management, standardize employee and organizational behavior, make it a habit, and shape an excellent corporate culture;

7. Improve the competitiveness of enterprises: Enhance team creativity and learning through training and incentives, enhance corporate cohesion and employee loyalty, and strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises;

8. Improve management: Systematic, streamlined, scientific, and informatized management of internal and external enterprises has greatly improved the execution and risk prevention capabilities of management.

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