The four core ideas of strategic human resource management

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1. Strategic human resource management takes "people" as the core, regards people as 'capital', emphasizes a dynamic and psychological adjustment and development, and belongs to the "service center". The management starting point is "focus on people" and achieve people and things. The system is optimized to enable the company to achieve the best economic and social benefits. Traditional personnel management is centered on “things”, treating people as a kind of cost and treating people as a “tool”. The static control and management that emphasizes the single aspect of “things” is a “power center” whose form and purpose are “controlling people”.

2. Strategic human resource management, as the core department of the enterprise, is an important part of the business strategy. It mainly contributes to the business strategy by promoting long-term sustainable development of the enterprise; covering all aspects of organizational construction, cultural construction and system construction. Corporate culture integration strategy, organization and system ensure the implementation and realization of corporate strategy and promote long-term stable growth of the company.Traditional personnel management is an auxiliary department of the enterprise and does not directly contribute to the business performance of the company. The main task is to be responsible for the staff's attendance, file and contract management and other transactional work.

3. Strategic human resource management can flexibly formulate various human resource policies that meet the needs of enterprises according to national and local personnel regulations and systems, and combine the actual situation of enterprises to establish a systematic human resource management system to ensure that enterprises achieve their strategic business objectives. . The traditional personnel management is mainly the implementation of the system, that is, the management of employees according to the national labor and personnel policy and the labor and personnel management regulations and systems issued by the higher authorities. The personnel department basically has no system formulation and adjustment rights, and it is difficult to Management policies and systems are adjusted in a timely manner.

4. Strategic human resource management requires human resource managers to actively analyze and diagnose the current status of human resources with the height of corporate strategy, and provide decision makers with accurate and timely data of various valuable human resources to assist decision makers in formulating specific human resources. Resource action plan to support the implementation and implementation of corporate strategic objectives. Traditional personnel management can only stand from the perspective of the department, considering the normative work of personnel affairs and other related work, and at best can only convey information such as the strategic goals set by the decision makers.

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