Reminder of Several Problems in Factory Inspection

更新时间:2019-04-05 10:18:00点击:505786 Factory inspection viewpoint

I saw a problem encountered by a company that audited the factory on the Internet today, and I hope that it will have certain warnings for other companies.

The standard represents the customer SEARS audit social responsibility, it is called a risk, but through hard work, the results are still considerable, but still found some problems, announced, for everyone to see

1, no elevator operator (this is the old tune, but the above does not change, I have no way)
2. There are more than 600 people in the factory, but only 100 people have bought industrial injury insurance and medical insurance. More than 40 people have bought insurance. This is the meaning of this. There is no way to solve it. Some employees are not willing to solve it. buy)
3. The medicine in the first aid kit is not enough or inappropriate (dis found to be out of date)
4, the workshop has a fire extinguisher blocked (this is a workshop error, did not have time to move)
5, the flux is not MSDS (this does not, but it is a small problem)
Note: The auditor has been watching the monitoring (three times back and forth, at least one clock), and I want to find a problem from the monitoring, so I prepared it in advance.

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